Probate Valuation Of House Contents For Inheritance Tax Purposes

Valuation Of House Contents For Probate

You are probably reading this page because you need a house contents valuation for probate purposes and inheritance tax, and are looking for guidance. We are house contents valuers for probate and IHT Affairs

How To Value Items In A House For Probate

Avery Associates explain how to obtain a professional valuation for probate of chattels and how the process works.
Whether you have been advised by a solicitor or you have decided yourself to instruct a RICS valuer to prepare a chattels valuation for the estate, you have made very wise choice in view of the fact that the Inland Revenue are carrying out numerous investigations. Negligence by an executor is now quite serious and these risks can easily be avoided by using a valuer who is RICS trained.

Valuing Household Goods For Probate

From the initial enquiry to the final written probate report Avery Associates can provide an accurate and timely service when it comes to all probate matters including the valuation of chattels, property, boats and vehicles, shares, overseas properties and anything else that forms part of an estate. We have been providing professional valuations on a daily basis and have all the experience necessary to take care of all your probate matters, simply call for an appointment and one of our valuers will visit your property, take detailed photographs, make an appraisal then promptly prepare a written probate report in accordance with inheritance tax guidelines. This report is filed, then you will receive a signed copy in the post shortly after, along with a digital version for electronic transfer worldwide.

Solicitors Choice For Professional Probate Valuations

We are chosen by many solicitors and legal professional for our prompt and professional services with all matters relating to probate. All of our valuers are highly qualified in their individual fields which ensures accuracy. We can assure our clients that our approach minimises the risk of over or undervaluation, but a reflection of a realistic market value.

For further advice in confidence please call Jeffrey Avery at the London office on 0800 567 7769

Our House Clearance Services

We provide a full house clearance and property management solution:

  • We clear hoarded houses, regardless how big or how cluttered
  • We clear all types and sizes of property, irrespective of location, or access is restricted or where parking is difficult or not available.
  • We can help avoid water damage by draining the central heating system.
  • We can secure the property and change the locks.
  • We can reinstate the gardens and maintain them whilst the property is empty.
  • We can provide 24 hour security to eliminate the risk of squatting or unlawful occupation.

As well normal house clearances we specialise in clutter clearance and we can clear a hoarded house which may contain years of accumulated possessions, or which have abnormal amounts of general household items, sometimes as a result of compulsive hoarding syndrome.

Equally we can help to clear a property where the occupants were previously unwell and unable to care for themselves or their property which sometimes results in insanitary, dangerous or just plain unpleasant conditions.

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