Charity Donations

The donation of furniture and household goods to charity is a very important part of our company’s programme and re use policy.

If you would like to clear a house for charity, we will be happy to help. Donating a house clearance to charity helps us to assist many poor and underpriveliged individuals.

We are now assisting Emmaus a charity that offers homeless people a home, work and the chance to rebuild their lives in a supportive environment. by donating household furniture and goods that are a result of our house clearances.

Other charities we help are The British Heart Foundation , Wandsworth Oasis a small but very active charity that helps children that have been orphaned, and lost their parents due to HIV, and The Aviary Society, another very active charity that builds and maintains bird aviaries to give pleasure and quality of life to the elderly and infirmed that reside in nursing and old peoples homes.

It is always a pleasure for us to donate house clearance items to a charity of your choice especially if it is one that may have given you support and assistance during the last days and before the passing of a close friend or loved one.

Our charity work is ongoing and we welcome the suggestion of any charities that may need assistance, after which Jeffrey Avery and Associates will be happy to help.

Donating house clearance to charity reduces the amount of material we take to landfill and at the same time creates the opportunity to re-use a considerable amount of house clearance furniture and effects.

The carbon resulting from re-using an item is far less than that produced during any recycling process, therefore it makes far more sense for us to re-home and free-cycle as many items as possible before implementing our recycling programme. It makes far more sense to re-use an item than to produce more carbon emissions as a result of a recycling process.

We are able to achieve this by making regular donations of furniture and household effects to charities and private individuals that may be needy or under privileged.

For further information or to make a donation of furniture to charity please contact Jeffrey Avery on 0800 567 7769.